Mary Schatz, M.D.

Walk Regally

On my downtown exercise walks, I often pass my friend Nezrah's beautiful jewelry shop before I cross the street to head up the hill. The last time I stopped in to say hello, she said "I always know it is you walking up that hill, even if I just see your back. You have such great posture, it is easy to recognize you!! I wish I could have beautiful posture like you."

Of course this made me smile, but my response to her produced an expression of amazement and incredulity. I said, "Nezrah, when I'm walking, I am also working on improving my posture. You can do the same thing: just walk like a Queen."

All this week focus on your posture whenever you are walking, whether you are out on an exercise walk, in the hall at work, or around your home. Walk regally. Imagine wearing a jeweled crown. Feel the weight of the crown on your head and push up against it gently, without lifting your chin. Smile benevolently at all you survey. As you practice your royal images and feelings, notice how your posture begins to improve spontaneously. Just trying on this new and different self-image frees your muscles and bones to seek a more erect and balanced carriage.

You may feel silly or self-conscious at first. Don't worry what others are thinking. If they notice you at all, they are probably saying what Nezrah said to me: "What beautiful posture! I wish I could have posture like that."

And You Really Can!!

Mary Schatz, M.D.

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