Mary Schatz, M.D.

Product Review: Lose It iPhone App

Don't 'Lose It' When You Diet - Try "Lose It!"

I Love This App!!

Lose It!, from  FitNow, Inc. (, is a great app for anyone who wants to keep track of their calories and change the way they eat, and it’s free!!

The App takes in your current weight, age, height and weight-loss goal.  Then it instantly calculates your daily calorie budget.  As you list what you eat in the Log, your remaining calories for the day are automatically calculated and displayed, both numerically and in a clear graph.

This App has helped me attain and maintain my goal weight by helping me keep track of my calories and plan my eating for the day. 

The graph of my weight loss has been very reinforcing to keep on working at my dietary plan. 

Knowing that I will put everything I eat in my log of the day helps me keep on making good choices.

Knowing how many calories I have left to use during the day makes it possible to enjoy my food more since I know that I am eating within my limit.


  • MY DAY: Shows your Daily Calorie Budget, your calories consumed, exercise calories burned, net calories for the day and how many more calories you can eat.  From here you can add food you have eaten or exercise you have taken.
  • LOG: Here is where you enter what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It is easy to post what you have eaten to the Food Log. You choose from foods listed in the App, or you can create your own recipe to be added.  Serving size is easy to adjust if you eat more or less than the original entry.
  • GOALS: This section is for entering your age, gender, height, current weight and goal weight and the rate at which you want to lose. After you do this, your daily calorie budget is calculated. Your weight change is displayed on a graph that starts with your initial weight and shows your progress. Goals are easy to modify.       Reinforcing statements (such as “I have lost 10 .5 pounds so far” or “I am successfully maintaining my weight”) are displayed on the graph.



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