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Computer Relief iPhone Application

Computer Relief (ComputerRx - YogaMD) is your prescription for relief from computer-related pain and fatigue. Presented in a detailed and vibrant audio-visual format, Computer Relief (Computer Rx - YogaMD) teaches you easy and gentle yoga poses and practices that immediately improve your posture, breathing, and stress levels at work or at home. The application provides instructions on how to sit tall, stand tall, stretch, and relax.  It also includes YogAlertTM , a built-in reminder system that you can set to encourage regular practice.


As a result, you will develop therapeutic habits that prevent injury, build core strength, and eliminate stress, all without leaving your work space.


Computer Rx - YogaMD


Features of the App:

  • 21 simple, effective yoga poses that can be done in your work space
  • Two soothing Audio Relaxations for stress
  • Vibrant photos with animated actions
  • Audio descriptions, tips, and encouragement from Dr. Schatz
  • Exclusive YogAlert system, which allows you to schedule reminders to practice your new skills
  • Computer Relief Diary to track your progress and set personal goals
  • Twitter and "Tell A Friend" networks to celebrate Computer Relief accomplishments
  • Feedback link to share your ideas, questions, and comments








"Having all the info in your pocket (in an app) is really handy ... I'd recommend you give it a go! Verdict: posturally correct, and very useful!" - Ben Robinson, Senior Editor, Read the full review on



About The Author - Mary P. Schatz, M.D.


Her remarkable background has allowed Mary Schatz, M.D. to enrich yoga instruction. A respected surgical and clinical pathologist, Dr. Schatz, brings her extensive knowledge of western medicine to the study of yoga and its healing potential.  The result is the informed, accessible, and effective yoga instructional program, YogaMDTM.


Dr. Schatz is a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and is certified by world-renowned yogi B.K.S. Iyengar to teach his method of yoga.  She is also the author of Back Care Basics, the best-selling yoga book that offers back pain solutions using gentle yoga techniques. An avid yoga practitioner for many years, Dr. Schatz unites the wisdom of East and West into therapeutic and transformational yoga programs.



The YogaMDTM Series

Your Gentle Yoga Prescription for Life


The YogaMD Series is your constant yoga companion for life.  These accessible yoga lessons improve posture, breathing, relaxation, and ergonomics right away, while building a solid fitness foundation. Designed by a physician for her own well being, YogaMD sessions are short, fun, effective, and blend seamlessly into work and play.  With Dr. Schatz's gentle voice to guide you, YogaMD meets you where you are and allows you to grow at your own pace.



As you learn YogaMD's simple tricks to combat the harmful habits of daily life, you will receive important insights into your body, your tensions, your posture, and your misalignments.  You will learn to incorporate these valuable lessons into each daily activity, growing closer and closer to doing yoga all the time. With reduced stress, disappearing back pain, and an improved outlook on life, YogaMD will become your essential partner in living well.


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"Yoga MD's Computer Relief iPhone App Now Available" -  iPhone App






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